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It's important that anyone interested in wearing or purchasing jewelry develop a basic understanding of the metallurgy as it relates to jewelry. 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The creation and use of silver jewelry has a long history. Silver we use is sterling silver, because pure silver is soft and easily damaged, so it's commonly mixed with other metals to improve durability for use in jewelry and to ensure that pieces like silver bracelets, rings and necklaces can withstand regular use. Aloha Gaia mix pure silver with 7.5% of another metal, usually copper and there are several levels of purity that indicate the quantity of pure silver contained in the metal. 

Our customers can determine the quality of the silver used by looking for a stamp that indicates the metal's purity level.

We also used brass in our first collections, nowadays you still can find brass AG designed jewelry in offline stores

We do not use metals, like nickel silver, which is actually not silver at all! Despite its name, nickel silver is an alloy that combines copper, nickel and zinc and contains no pure silver. 

As one of the precious metals, silver is among the most popular metals for the creation of jewelry. While there are many possible reasons for this preference, most people cite the following reasons:

  1. it's lustrous and outshines gold
  2. it's more adaptable to casual and formal wear
  3. it's flatters all skin tones
  4. it's affordable
Please, don't forget, that the chief advantage of silver is it's hypoallergenicity. Still  any type of metal can cause any single person to have reactions to metal. Sterling silver is right choice for those, who have a skin reaction to the copper, which colours yellow and rose gold.

      Most of the reactions come from nickel. Approximately 8-13 % of the population in industrialize areas have a nickel allergy, the most common metal allergy. Nickel can be found in many products that touch skin, ranging from earring posts, body jewelry, eyeglass frames, watchbands, button, zippers, and costume jewelry, to basic hair pins. It directly results in skin irritation and itching. Our jewellery are "nickel free". So here is the first rule - avoid nickel.

      Although there are still some people who are allergic to silver. Most people who are allergic to nickel are not allergic to silver because sterling silver is almost a pure metal, which does not contain nickel.

      Invest in Hypoallergenic Jewelry

      To have and to hold for the eternity is the main reason why people tend to invest when it comes to fine jewelry. Instead of buying quantity just to save some money, think about the long-term benefits of investing in quality. When it comes to hypoallergenic jewelry, we recommends sterling silver. Make sure to check for a "925" stamp and avoid anything that's silver-plated.