We support your interest in our jewelry and are happy to share more information on materials we use during production.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Few of us know that the number 925 stands for at least 92.5% silver in the alloy. It is also called "sterling". Some time ago British pounds were produced out of such alloy because it was known for its durability.

To keep our jewelry hypoallergenic, we do not add nickel. We use only silver and copper but do not use rhodium plating. Thus, all jewelry pieces keep a warm shade of silver that we all love so much. 

You can see the quality stamp on each jewelry piece by Aloha Gaia that indicated purity level of metal used for production.

Silver has several advantages over gold. Currently, this is the most widely used metal for producing jewelry. And there are some reasons for it: silver is more lustrous and shiny; it can fit your casual style as well as formal one; it is a good match for any skin tone; it is more affordable than gold, so you can have more in your collection of jewelry.

As we have already said, we do not add nickel in our alloy while producing jewelry. This makes all pieces hypoallergenic. However, there is a small percentage of the population who are allergic to silver as their skin reaction to wearing such jewelry can show it by itching or irritation. Make sure that you do not have this type of allergy.

When purchasing Aloha Gaia jewelry, you invest into hypoallergenic, long-lasting pieces that will be your talismans every day for many years.