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  • Aloha talks: Journey to the USA with @orlovamaria

    Our friend, traveler, and talented photographer Maria Orlova cannot imagine her life without a camera in her hands. Her job is her hobby as well as the source of permanent inspiration and internal balance. In this interview, Masha told us about her favorite cameras, the trip to Oregon and other s... View Post
  • Aloha talks: A small trip to Paris with

    In this big interview, we invite you to a little trip to Paris with Anna, who told us about things that inspired her to move to the city, career plans, a typical day in Paris, and lots more. Welcome to the city of love! Aloha, Anna! Tell us your story of exploring Paris. What was ... View Post
  • Aloha mix: Miles Away by Jekka

    Our friend and talented musician Jekka has made a mixtape for Aloha Gaia. Recently Jekka has started the next chapter in her grand experiment with Russian folk music and released of her first mini-album called "YUNOST". In the interview for Aloha Gaia she told us about her life path as a musician... View Post