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"As I look out into the vast landscape of the remote, indigenous village of Q'eros my heart fills with a warmth. I observe beneath my feet tiny violet flowers budding within the vibrant green moss, in the distance alpaca dancing together up the mountainside towards the sun, above me Andean gulls circling within the luminous rain clouds and all around me I hear the gentle whisper of the flowing stream, carrying glacier water from Apu Wamanlipa down through the ancient stones."

The Touch of Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Words by Maggie Harrsen (

Photographs by Chaunté Vaughn (

At 14,000 feet elevation, I am one with Earth and Sky. I inhale the fresh mountain air and sink into the beauty of this living, breathing being who is Pachamama, our Cosmic Mother. The feminine spirit of the Earth and the Cosmos. There is great significance in aligning our vital force with her filaments of light for wellbeing. There are many ways we can do this - through ritual, ceremony and energetic practices. Using the power of our intent we are able to enter a portal into another type of energy. An energy that heals our being and brings us into harmony with all of life. The energy of Pachamama.


This is a central energy practice of the Andean Tradition that can support you in daily life by strengthening your relationship with Nature and the Cosmos. It works by bringing your being into balance within yourself and the world of living energy. It is essential in moments when you may be lacking vitality, feeling ungrounded, mentally overstimulated or emotionally depleted. This sacred wisdom was passed onto me by my teacher, mystic Don Américo Yábar, a principal initiate of Andean Master Don Benito Qoriwaman.


Take a moment to become aware of your energy and just notice how you feel in this moment. Begin by laying on the Earth with your navel in physical contact with Pachamama. You will now activate a cycle where you first release any heavy, undesirable energy to Pachamama and second, bring the energy of Pachamama into yourself. The foundation of this practice is rooted in the central principle of the Andean Tradition called "Ayni" in Quechua, which translates to reciprocity. It is the cycle of life that is giving and receiving.


With your intent direct your energy into what you are releasing, letting that energy flow downward from your navel into Pachamama. If you notice any heavy energy stuck in a particular area of your body use your intent and direct it to your navel. Continue the flow of energy down into the Cosmic Mother. She eats your heavy energy and transmutes it into a more refined energy that is released into the Cosmos. As her children, this is her gift to us human beings. Continue this flow of energy for as long as you wish or until you feel that all of the heavy energy has left your body.


Using your intent again, open your energy field at your navel and invite Pachamama to touch you. She will send her filaments of light into you. Focus on your intent, that you would like Pachamama to bring your energy into harmony with hers. Imagine an upward flow of energy from deep beneath the Earth's surface. Continue this flow of energy for as long as you wish or until you feel full of light, refined energy. When your practice is finished, take a few moments to rest and notice if you feel a shift in your wellbeing.  

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