Guest post: A small trip to Carpathians with @polinaps

trip to Carpathian's @polinaps

The last days of winter, let's spend them with love and good memories about the wonderful feelings of cold air and snow views. A short trip to the Carpathian Mountains with @polinaps will help help you to remember this breathtaking time.

trip to Carpathian's @polinaps

My trip to Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains was really short, but full of beautiful things. Forest and fogs, clouds and sun, rain and snow. The weather changed so many times, it reminded me that nothing is permanent and that you should enjoy the moment to the fullest.

trip to Carpathian's @polinapstrip to Carpathian's @polinapstrip to Carpathian's @polinaps

The Carpathian Mountains aren't as high as the Alps or other mountain chains, but still they are beautiful and I try to visit that part of my country every year. Traveling is amazing and I love the freedom it gives me. When you are up in the mountains and the whole world is around you, so beautiful and breathtaking, feeling glad you are here, enjoying the moment.

trip to Carpathian's @polinapstrip to Carpathian's @polinaps

Winter is coming to an end and I feel that this spring will bring change. A change that I already feel inside.

I always remind myself that no place is boring and beauty is within us. No matter what, we should always remember that the best things are still going to happen and the things that are happening right now aren't any less amazing than the ones that had happened before.

trip to Carpathian's @polinaps


Love it!

Olja January 16, 2017

Мечтаю побывать в Карпатах. Волшебный пост -

Ivanna January 16, 2017

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