Styling stories: Autumn staples


Our jewelry is a philosophy and a lifestyle. Any girl can wear Aloha Gaia, whether she is running out to a business meeting, on a date in a café or going for an evening event, and will feel special and comfortable at any time. Our designs were created for life and we want to tell you more about our Styling Stories.


 Rings: ATHENA with black onyx | BALANCE | SPUTNIK with black onyx | GALA

Pendants: STELLAR with opal | TANIT | GAIA FLAT ring-pendant   

Aloha Gaia is the perfect addition to your more strict autumn wardrobe. A hat, blue denim and a classic coat - you can definitely bring this ensemble to a coffee shop so you can work at a table by the window and enjoy the atmosphere. And if you like unbuttoned flannel shirts, this look can be easily finished by some chained pendant necklaces of different lengths. Also, add a couple of rings with black onyx, which will help you concentrate on your tasks and goals!


Rings: ATHENA with black onyx | BALANCE | SPUTNIK | GALA with black onyx | TARA

Pendants: NOVA PENDANT | FlOW with black onyx    

Bracelet: STELLAR SET  EARRINGS: VIBE with lapis lazuli

Classic gray wool trousers and a dark knitted sweater is a great combination, and most importantly, comfortable for any moment. It is also a great space for your imagination while selecting jewelry. For this look we recommend our large and unusual pendants and bracelets, such as our Stellar Set, which will be a bright accent and won't leave you without attention. Don't forget the minimalistic earrings that subtly but surely accentuate your face, if you put your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Feel confident during any meeting with black onyx and opal!