Styling stories: Autumn essentials

           Autumn, you are magnificent and you inspired us to create our own Styling Stories! We love this season for colors, atmosphere and many other things. We can finally put on a coat and wrap up in a big scarf, stomp through puddles in new boots and wear warm, truly autumnal things.


 Rings: ATHENA with black onyx | BALANCE | SPUTNIK with black onyx

Pendants: VIBE with lapis lazuli | SUPERMOON    Bracelet: STELLAR SET

Favorite look for going for a walk to a park or going cycling. Hear the wind playing with the leaves and your hat at the same time- yes! Add small pendants and rings to a pair of blue jeans and fall colored cardigan with an ornament. In nature, we want to wear jewelry that is reminiscent of it- the symbols of Athena (goddess of the Earth), the stars and the moon. The choice fell on opal that shimmers with all the colors of autumn trees, and sky and rain colored lapis lazuli. Feel like you’re a part of the autumn scenery.


Rings: TARA | ATHENA with black onyx |  MAWU SPUTNIK  |  GALA with black onyx 

Pendants:  NOVA with black onyx | DANA   Bracelet: FLOW with black onyx

Autumn is a time to go to movie dates and to meet for a cup of something hot in a cozy coffee shop, while the rain is pouring outside. What a perfect opportunity to wear a soft knitted dress and wet asphalt colored cardigan. Monotone colors complement the large ornaments and black onyx perfectly. Try layering pendants for a more put together look. Now smile and be off to a meeting because you are the most charming girl!