Guest post: Path to yourself by Lesia Le

 "NYC, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin... We adore those chaotic and restless cities. Like marathon runners we never stop, trying not to miss a single moment of our lives. But at some point, even the best of marathon runners take rest, seeking for a way to keep the balance and restore energy."

Thanks to our guest Lesia Le for this first unique local's story in our blog about Austria!


Hiking paths in mountains or green forests will become paths to your inner harmony and yourself. The Austrian Alps and divine forests will guide you on the way to yourself, your balance and harmony.



Once you are in Austria, don’t hurry to visit famous places like Salzburg or Vienna, find some time for yourself and visit Vorarlberg region – a place with a grand view on The Alps. A place with thousands of kilometers to hike and explore; a place to wonder and wander; a place to find a way to yourself. 


You will be amazed by neat doll-like traditional houses; even in the era of globalization and digitalization, Austrians keep their traditions. A great reminder to be yourself no matter what, isn’t it?

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Once you’ve reached an Austrian village “dorf”, it is time to reach your soul by walking into the heart of forests – Alps. A way up must be hard and would require a lot of energy, but who seeks for an easy thing? Be prepared for thousands of steps up on the top and down to your heart.


 But once you are up, you will understand – every your move, your muscle pain, and your efforts were not in vain. The beauty of mountains is indescribable, the path you’ve made to yourself is unforgettable, once you’ve made it - you will understand the underestimated influence of hiking. Like travelers put one stone on another, marking their ways, you put yourself in the pieces, obtaining that power of being tete-a-tete with yourself in mountains.

Always remember to find some time to find yourself!



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