Make a wish: Winter to-do list


Only a week before the New Year - preparing for the magic! To-do list is always a great way to have a moment of inspiration and remember what makes you happy. 

DIY Christmas Garland

Decorate the house. It is not necessary to cut the tree and wait in long lines in stores for Christmas decorations. Let’s think of a more affordable and interesting idea (one you can find here) - the tree can be cut out of paper, and it can be easily put up on the wall, and the ornaments - cut \ glue \ paint. And don’t forget about paper snowflakes and wadding! Scissors, glue, glitter, paper of different textures and sizes, threads, beads, and many more can help you creating your unique holiday atmosphere at home.


Hot Chocolate. You can learn how to make it delicious and beautiful here. And if you are really not in the mood for messing around in the kitchen - call your friends and invite them to a favorite spot. Christmas cups will lift your mood and decorated streets will remind you that the New Year is just around the corner.


Scented candles with cinnamon, orange, chocolate, caramel, musk, cloves, ginger (or other delicious and warm scents) have to be placed somewhere where you will see them, such as near your desk, sofa, bed, coffee table or window sill. The smell will warm and remind you of the sparkling winter.8b0beeb29cf20143aa151e8e186fa1dc

Buy sequins or glitter - the absolute favorite when it comes to holidays preparations (and not just winter). You can decorate anything with it: postcards, gift wrapping, manicure, clothes, Christmas decorations, make-up and anything else you can imagine.


Create a tea collection for each mood. After all, when it’s cold outside, hot tea will warm you and your friends, and if it has magical aroma and taste, it will turn into a real associations and great mood adventure.


Prepare the cards and envelopes for shipping. Even if you didn’t do it in advance - better late than never!


Watch Christmas movies that make you happy 


Buy delicious sweets for people in your life. They can be a great little gift. Dragée can be poured into a small envelope or bag and tied with a beautiful ribbon or a string. Several different chocolates and candy coins can also be packaged in paper or a beautiful bundle.


Create your own winter playlist. Or listen our selection!


Mittens. The largest, multi-colored, fur or knitted. Snow will fall eventually, and you must be prepared to blow those beautiful shiny snowflakes from them.


Make Christmas cookies. If you can - great, but if not, what better time to learn - it's very easy and pleasant.


To go to the biggest ice rink in your city!


♥ And of course, remember that it is all in your head. We create a holiday in our hearts, and no one will help us unless we’ll smile to ourselves and go with the magical festive fantasy flow.


Чудесный пост❤️Вдохновляет безумно!

Алёна ינואר 16, 2017

спасибо! мне очень понравилось)

marina ינואר 16, 2017

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