Weekend everyday: Mountain Ainos with Cocorrina

“The best adventures are the unexpected ones. On a Monday morning, instead of going back to our schedules and routines, my husband and I decided to head to the island’s mountain Ainos for a hike. Those spontaneous moments are what we live for."
Thanks to our guest, also talented graphic designer & hand letterer Cocorrina for this true magic post and for wearing Tanit + Vibe pendants!


While the temperature in our house by the seas was rising, we knew that up on the mountain it would be much colder. So we were prepared. What we did not expect, was the -10 degrees less from what it was in our house. The air was cold and fresh, and we were the only crazy ones to be up there. Our husky Bella, was the most excited one, running around sniffing anything she could. While hiking to the very top, which is the highest spot in the Ionian sea, all we could hear was our footsteps and our breaths. Other than that, the silence. 


The top of the mountain is usually above the clouds, which was my original concept for the photoshoot. Airy, blue and dreamy. Instead, we found ourselves in the fog, not being able to see anything after 2 meters. Although not what planned, it was glorious, moody and exactly the weather I like. A little bit of spookiness in it. The Aloha Gaia jewelry matched perfectly my white dress, and although freezing, for a second there I felt like a ghost, a mystic fairy. It was one of the most spiritual moments. 


The very moment we wrapped up the photo shoot, the fog got even thicker and our hair was full of mist. Tiny drops like crystals were covering our bodies. As we headed down and got into the woods, it was dark and mystical, and it started raining. There’s nothing I love more than the sound of rain in the forest. We sat for a moment not minding that we were getting wet. Had a quick snack and headed home, back to summer.