Guest post: Kamchatka by @yaroslav_shuraev & @zhenyaswan


"Kamchatka is called the “fiery ground”, because of its volcanoes. It is unique and unexplored.."

We are so inspired to share with you this truly amazing story of our new guests Yaroslav & Jenny.
"We travel around the world. New places, interesting people, new knowledge, and impressions inspire us to create something light, free and easy. Mountains - the main force of nature for us. We are always looking for places where you can climb higher and look around the vast expanses."


We spent three weeks there and it wasn’t enough.For several years we’ve been traveling around Russia. Kamchatka was always a cherished dream. Imagine: more than 150 volcanoes and geyser valleys (they exist only in 5 places in the world — the US, Iceland, New Zealand, Chile and Russia’s Kamchatka). You can’t help falling in love with it when viewing it from the illuminator.


The feeling you get when you open the window in the morning is overwhelmingly powerful: the landscape looks like it's wallpapered all around. The ocean made an even bigger impression: black sand, waves 2-3 meters tall, kilometers of coastline full of surfers.