Aloha talks: Vicky_od

The popular blogger and talented illustrator Vicky Od shared her story of the life journey and inspiration. She believes that art can help us to relax, learn and even reveal something new about ourselves. In artworks Vicky creates her own world with its own history.

When did you start getting involved in illustration art and at what point did you realize that this is your cup of tea?
I fell in love with it ever since I have attended an art school. I liked illustrations in any format in magazines, books, or animations. At that moment I could not even imagine that the illustration art would be such an important part of my life. During my studies I began trying my hand at different art styles and finally fell in love with illustration art during one project in my institute. After graduation, I already knew that I want to be an illustrator for sure.

Do you have a degree in arts or you just learned everything by yourself?

Fine art has always been a huge part of my life. I went to school where we learned not only general subjects but also some art classes. After that I studied in a private studio for two years, and then I was admitted to the Institute of Architecture, Design and Visual Arts to the bachelor’s program in design. When I studied in school, I did not see myself as a 'classical' artist who always sits with a paintbrush in front of an easel. I've always liked cartoons, and now I like them even more than movies. And I have always wanted to be a woman who comes up with interesting ideas and creates cartoons! I did not know how and where I could learn to do that, but I really wanted to. As time passed by, the moment when I had to choose my specialty came. The most suitable for me was design. After studying for two years, I realized that the chosen specialty was very broad. This is what I liked about it mostly: I had an opportunity to get a deep insight into almost every art and to choose something that I thought suited me better. This is how I finally came to illustration art, and then over some time I realized that everything happens for the best. Now I can create a ‘world’ and characters exactly as I want them to be, even though they are static.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-22-52-15Prisma Infinity ring, Orion ring and bracelet with moonstone.

Are illustrations your main activity or do you have any other projects in addition to your personal blog?

I devote most of my time to Illustrations. But fine art is such an incredibly vast field that I get different tasks each time. And in addition to watercolor illustrations, I do graphic design and painting. Sometimes I have a desire to take all paints, a big canvas and express all emotions on it. I think that we should not get stuck on one thing only. It is necessary to use fantasy and let our hands and imagination do the work. It helps us relax, learn and may even reveal something new about ourselves. Now I'd like to improve my language and be able to write beautiful texts. I have a channel on YouTube where I practice to edit videos and compose a scenario for my future text. This is what I really like. A I often remind myself that I have the blog and the website, and need to update them as well.

What is the most enjoyable thing in your work?

The ability to express myself and thus to show others my perception of everything. I come up with my characters exactly as I want them to be, and with each of my works I create my own world with its own history. I believe that by looking at my illustrations people can get an idea of my personality. Also, one of the advantages can be the new people I meet who are somehow connected with art or just interested in it. New friends, new work as well as an opportunity to grow professionally.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-22-52-27Prisma ring with black onyx.

What inspires you?

Nothing. Really, there is nothing certain outside that inspires me to create something. The key thing for me is my internal harmony, this warm and calm feeling. It appears thanks to a lot of things, but I lose it, I know how to get it back! For example, a pleasant conversation, funny stories or a comfortable silence. Also, delicious food, exciting activities, watching movies or life stories of other people can help me to feel my inner peace.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Walking around the city, drinking coffee or tea. It's always a pleasure at any time of the year. Especially I like walks on a sunny day or in early morning, which is, unfortunately, a very, very rare thing for me. I am for having a walk with my friends as well as just being alone. Actually, I love it when I have 'time slots' of free time for myself. That's when I start to deal with everything put off for the future. I create something, write, learn, or read... And, of course, there comes a girly time when I treat myself with aroma oils, facial masks and other miscellaneous beauty secrets.

What are your favorite song and a movie?

It is very difficult to choose! I love watching cartoons and documentaries as much as I enjoy watching movies about nature and natural phenomena. What concerns my music tastes, I cannot point at anything specific as I like different genres. But here is an interesting fact: most of my cute illustrations were created when 'heavy' music was playing.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-22-49-20Ohana ring.

When and how did you learn about Aloha Gaia brand?

About 3 years ago I found your Instagram page with a lot of inspiring photos. It was the love from the first sight. I liked everything: colors, design, photo composition... Each photograph of your jewelry just fascinated me. I realized that I have always wanted to see exactly such jewelry on my body. And it seemed as if I just look into my own perception of jewelry design and someone had just made all my wishes a reality. You know, it is like music: it plays in my heart and head, and when I hear something close, I can say with certainty that it’s my 'inner' music. It's so exciting!

Which jewelry piece by Aloha Gaia is your favorite?

My favorite jewelry piece is Athena ring.

Which jewelry or maybe other products would you like to see in Aloha Gaia?

I like absolutely everything, that’s why I will be so glad to see something new in your catalogue. What it will be - does not really matter. In my personal jewelry collection there are no pendants and necklace so maybe it would be nice to have them. All in all, I fully trust Aloha Gaia team and support their thoughts and set of mind! I always look forward to seeing something new, and each time I do that – I wonder and admire.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-22-50-03 Set Stellar with black onyx.