Aloha talks: Anna Pavlova

This summer Aloha Gaia team went on a journey across Europe. In Paris we have met up with our friend and talented photographer Anna Pavlova. She shared her story of getting to know the jewelry created by Aloha Gaia.

Is your trip to Paris somehow connected with business or you came here just for leisure?

Almost all of my trips happen unexpectedly if they are not business-related ones. And this time I came to Paris for the presentation of the smartphone, which I will write about in my Instagram account. Short trips like that bring me pleasure but consume a lot of energy because apart from exploring the city, I must firstly concentrate on my work.

Name your favourite places in Paris, why do you love them?

Unfortunately, I had only 24 hours to explore Paris, and most of this time I spent in Versailles, which I liked a lot. Also, I think the Eiffel Tower is beautiful only from a distance.

Which things you cannot imagine your trips without?

Without a camera, a laptop and a notebook. Perhaps last two items would remain unpacked in my suitcase, but I need a laptop for sorting and editing photos during my trips. It is very convenient, especially when there is no break between one journey and next one.

Gala ring with moonstone, Kokon ring.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the people who write me that they like my works. Their feedback gives me energy for a long time, and I want to go on making people happy. And it's so nice when our views and attitudes coincide! And, of course, my family and friends who are always ready to give me a "magic kick" when I really need that. Thanks to that I never sit on one place and am constantly involved into something new. Who knows where I would be now if I did not have all those people in my life.

How did you find Aloha Gaia brand?

I got acquainted with the brand two years ago. It happened in Monoroom store in Moscow. I saw the beautiful jewelry and chose Luna ring. It deeply touched my soul even though I did not wear rings so often at that time, but eventually this spontaneous purchase made me pay more attention to jewelry in general.

Tipi ring.

Why do you like our jewelry?

I cannot say that I like all jewelry by Aloha Gaia but I found something very familiar and unique for me in your jewelry designs, and I believe that everyone can find something special for themselves as well. For example, Tipi ring is basically my home, which is always with me, and Gala ring reminds me of my grandfather, who knew a lot about various stones and gave me jewelry with moonstone that suits my horoscope. I usually wear a combination of Tipi and Kokon rings. And I also have Compass earrings with moonstone that I almost never put off.

Which jewelry piece by Aloha Gaia you would like to buy next?

I am thinking about buying Iris pendant with moonstone from the new collection Sunlight. I think it looks very concise and feminine.

Which jewelry would you like to see in our future collections?

I would like Aloha Gaia to create more concise thin rings for every day, and I also want to see more pictures with your jewelry shot in beautiful places around the world in your Instagram account. I love to take pictures of your rings when I am travelling – they perfectly match the design of my Instagram profile.

Tipi and Theia ring, Orion ring with moonstone, Iris ring with labradorite and moonstone, Eos ring with black onyx, Tara midi ring.

Every time you take a picture of our jewelry from various beautiful places on our planet, you fill our hearts with happiness and joy!

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