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STARDUST Pendant - Moonstone

$ 65.00

Materials: sterling silver 925, natural faceted moonstone. Chain length 22" (56 cm).

STARDUST Stud Earrings

$ 10.00

Stud earrings with star symbols. Stardust jewelry symbolizes the falling star. It is thought that if you make a wish upon a falling star, it will come true. This is a symbol of hope and credence. Materials: sterling silver 925 Earrings come with backs.


Each piece from the Stardust collection has a natural stone faceted like a diamond. We decided to use this new cut because energy guide lines and a diamond shaped crystal symbolize the spirit, the energy. Having a purpose and concentration, you're directing your  strengths to something, sharing your energy with other...


$ 40.00

Ear jacket with rhomb shaped stone and radial elements. Materials: sterling silver 925, natural onyx. Earrings come with simple stud and back. Stone size 4 mm. Good to wear in pair with Stardust earrings.


In this interview our friend and the talented nature tattoo artist Sasha Kiseleva told us about her lifestyle, dreams, and hobbies. How did you eventually become an tattoo artist? In my student years, people asked me to draw sketches for their future tattoos from time to time, and when they...