HONU Ring - Labradorite
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HONU Ring - Labradorite

HONU (Turtle) 

One of the most powerful and important symbols in the culture of Polynesia is the turtle. Protected from external dangers with durable shell, wisdom and the great knowledge is kept beneath the centuries-old wisdom and the great knowledge. As a child of the ocean a turtle is endowed with infinite possibilities: longevity, travels over large distances both in water and on land. In Polynesia "Hono" means to connect and to sew. The turtle is a sacred symbol of the family as it can cover kilometers to return to the place of birth and to make more of their own kind. Turtle remembers ancestors and knows a lot of what we do not. We have created HONU jewelry so that you could always have this amulet with you.

Materials: sterling silver 925, natural labradorite.


How to measure the suitable size of my ring?

If you do not know your ring size, do not worry. It is easy to find out which size suits you best. Just follow our guide below. Keep in mind that it’s better to measure your finger during the afternoon when the temperature is around average, because during the day the width of the finger may vary up to half of the size.


How to know your ring size
  • You need: non-stretchy string or a 3-4 mm wide strip of paper, ruler, pen
  • Cut a string that is not too long
  • Wrap it around the widest part of your finger not too tightly
  • Use a pen to mark the point where a match occurs
  • Measure the length from the beginning up to the mark in millimeters
  • The number closest to the pen mark is the circumference of your ring in millimeters
  • Use the ring chart below to find out your ring size.


    Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm) Size US Size AU
    14 43.9 3 F
    14.5 45.5 G
    15 47.1
    15.5 48.6
    16 50.2
    16.5 51.8 6
    17 53.4
    17.5 54.9 O
    18 56.5 P
    18.5 58.1
    19 59.6 9
    19.5 61.2 T
    20 62.8 10¼ U
    20.5 64.4 11
    21 65.9 11½
    21.5 67.5 12
    22 69.1 12¾