APOLLO Necklace - Citrine – Aloha Gaia
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APOLLO Necklace - Citrine - Aloha Gaia - 2
APOLLO Necklace - Citrine - Aloha Gaia - 3
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APOLLO Necklace - Citrine

Necklace with pear stone and sun rays elements.

This jewelry is named after the Greek god of the sun and the radiant light. In the design of these jewelry pieces, diverging rays of the sun are used, which are the symbol of vitality, a source of knowledge and wisdom. The arc represents half of the sun, in the center of which we placed a drop of dew to symbolize the good and the cleanliness. This delicate jewelry is able to awaken your brightest, sincere and warm feelings.

Materials: sterling silver 925, silver plated brass, natural citrine.

Stone size 10x7 mm.