HONU Necklace - Black Onyx

Turtle-shaped stone beaded chain necklace

Артикул: HONU_N_BON
Наличие: Есть в наличии
7900 руб

Turtle-shaped stone beaded chain necklace.


Tortoise (HONU) is one of the most powerful and important symbols in the Polynesian culture. It's protected from external dangers by a strong shell, under which it keeps centuries-old wisdom and great knowledge. Turtle is a sacred symbol of the family. It can travel kilometers to return to its place of birth to continue its own kind. It remembers her ancestors and knows a lot what we don’t know about.


Chain length 55 cm + extension 5 cm.

Состав: Sterling silver 925 , Sterling silver 925, natural stone
Длина цепочки: 55 см
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