About us

We express love and importance of ethical treatment of nature in the brand name ‘Aloha Gaia’. ‘Aloha' in Hawaiian language is a word for greeting and wishing peace, and 'Gaia' stands for the goddess of the Earth in ancient Greece.
Design of Aloha Gaia jewelry can be split into three lines. First jewelry line is called ‘Gaia’, which is something directly related to the Earth: rivers, mountains, oceans, volcanoes, trees, and flowers. The second line is called ‘Symbols’ and is devoted to man and life on the planet. It includes symbols of ancient civilisations, themes of families, home, and travels. And the third line is called ‘Cosmos’. It is all about geometry and minimalism and related to the big bang, the sun, the moon, and constellations.
For us, the most interesting thing in the creation of jewelry is to understand its usefulness and the problems it helps to solve, and, of course, the way in which it inspires everyone.