Aloha Gaia x On-The-Go: In The Wind pendant

Aloha Gaia appreciates any manifestation of creativity. But our team has always had a special relationship with music. Will you agree if we state that music can sometimes reinforce emotions, trigger a wave of feelings, or even move one in time and space? That is, according to the fans of the Russian indie pop band On-The-Go, can be noticed in "In The Wind" song – the first one released after moving to Moscow.

This year, our friends and, not being afraid of the word, great musicians celebrate the 10th anniversary of On-The-Go band. Especially for this key date, together with the band, we release a pendant that is named in honor of the momentous song. The design is based on drawing soundtrack, so it is safe to say that this pendant sounds.

The start of sales of the new IN THE WIND pendants will be December 8th – the same day as an acoustic concert of On-The-Go in the Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew. It can be purchased only in Aloha Gaia online shop and in 12SHOP offline store.

We asked the guys what this single means to every one of them and how they connect it to the jewelry.

"In The Wind” is the first single that we released after moving to Moscow. So it means a lot to us. This is our start in this city. The sound wave that is on the pendant is the beginning of the track. This song we wrote together with Jura in the village of Orlovo. And to shoot the music video we rented a home in the Zhiguli mountains. It was a very cool period. We woke up every day at 6 am, drove to the mountains, walked, and took beautiful shots.

I used to listen to heavy metal and wore earrings, but it was a short period of time. But I sometimes have thoughts to start wearing piercing again.

I also wore pendants. I think the pendants on young people look very nice and stylish. And l love the simple leather bracelets on hands"

Maxim Makarychev,
a singer, guitarist, composer

"Song “In The Wind” is an ode to nature and its natural phenomena that are so powerful that in comparison with them we can be very small and insignificant. The whole beauty of nature and its destructive force inspired us when writing songs.

If we talk about rings, I only wear a wedding one. I like to wear bracelets and chains with interesting weave"

Yury Makarychev,
lyricist, singer

"Song “In The Wind” for me is, first of all, the pace. It seems slow, but actually, the composition is very rapid. The name says it all. It evokes the feeling of being in nature, the openness of the space.

I wear jewelry, especially rings. And I have them for a very long time. We can say that it's a piece of me and an integral part of my wardrobe. I love vampire movies, and, probably, my love to decorate hands comes from there"

Dmitry Midborn,
bass guitar

"For me, this song is a sense of nostalgia for a native land, my native city. This is what I feel while listening to the song.

Not long ago I got my ear pierced and now wear a ring with a cross. Combined with my new black beret, that earring makes a lasting impression on others"

Gregory Dobrynin,

"The song was written during the turning point for the whole band. Then all got more thoughtfulness, more self-exploration.

I wear mostly a leather bracelet, which is the merchandise of the band, and some pins. I have a huge collection of them. Long time ago I wore earrings, and there were lots of rings on my fingers, but it is in the past"

Evgeny Merkushev,

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