Presentation of NEBO collection

Each Aloha Gaia presentation is, first and foremost, the exchange of energy between the team and our customers. However, our NEBO collection made a typical event something absolutely special: it seems as if the Bridge Studio was filled with cosmic energy.

It happened so that the presentation was held during the new year period. Therefore, we took the chance to provide gifts for our guests. At the presentation, the guests were welcomed by music from Dima Midborn, a DJ and a band member of On-The-Go, by special cocktails from our sponsor vodka “Воздух”, and by cosmic treats by Brownie Mama. Besides, we enhanced the festive mood by lucky draws, gifts for each purchase from our partners (cosmetic brand Pure Love, temporary tattoos 2skin, and a beauty salon Woolfy Studio), as well as by discounts on all Aloha Gaia jewelry for any orders in our online store.

The main surprise for us and for the guests was the appearance of the whole Aloha Gaia team. Since we are scattered around the world, it is always a challenge to get together. But NEBO collection got additional symbolism by joining all of us for that evening.


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Не знаю как написать вам в обратную связь) но мне очень очень сильно хочется серёжки кольца д 40 из новой коллекции. А в Питере и Москве нет🤷‍♀️ И на сайте вашем нет, а коллекция новая, я их жду) Вышлите нам в Петербург. Мяу

Lav juli 21, 2018

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