Photographer @dariaboronina about turning her dream into reality

Daria Boronina is a famous blogger, traveler, and food photographer from Moscow. She told us about her life path of turning a dream into reality, her journeys and future plans, and, of course, her choice of Aloha Gaia jewelry.

Daria! Tell us, how have you become a product photographer? Was it your old dream and goal, or just fate?

Aloha! I would say, it was fate. It all started with the fact that I became a food photographer (and still I am), and then I started to love product photography along with lots of beautiful things around that I wanted to capture. But becoming a food photographer was probably my main goal after I took my first shot of food on camera.

I still remember that feeling of euphoria I got looking at photos of food and understanding how beautiful and amazing they were! At that exact moment, I realized that I wanted to photograph food every day.

You are the author of the beautiful layouts online course. You not just inspires by your own works but also helps to improve skills of others. How did you get the idea to create this course?

Generally, helping someone with something is very nice! I was just thinking about how I can be useful to others. And that’s when this idea was born. Many do not believe that they can create the beauty, and I wanted to convince them in the opposite. I believe that talent is not only given by nature but is also hiding among a great desire to develop in your favorite field, in motivation and daily practice.

In your experience: what are the main mistakes while shooting in the style of a flat lay?

The biggest mistake when you shoot any subject is flash photography in the forehead or under the lamp/chandelier. This is literally the death of a beautiful layout. If we talk about flat lay, a typical mistake is shooting not straight down with a wrong angle. Flat lay is shooting from above with the 90 degrees angle so that objects can be clearly seen.

Where do you find inspiration?

Actually, inspiration can be found everywhere! But the maximum charge of it I get from communication with interesting people, especially when dealing with new information on an exciting subject.

And, of course, I find inspiration in travels. Generally, a change of scenery helps us to see things from another angle and to find answers to questions that we could not understand before (this is true if you're traveling alone).

New things I fall in love with are also very inspiring. Not necessarily they should be sold somewhere in a store. Even a nice plate at a restaurant can give me the extra inspiration.

Do you have moments when you want to think about some aspects and take a new start or try yourself in a completely different activity? 

Yes, of course, I have my moments when I just want to stop and to think of something. That's what happens when I work too much, and creative flow does not like a lot of work: it loves spontaneity. Then I just stop and give myself a break.

In general, such moments are very helpful: when we are too busy we do not notice anything around. Currently, I cannot see myself doing something apart from photography. It is not just my job, it's my life!

Do you prefer to take pictures on iPhone or on your camera? 

I prefer to shoot on camera, I feel more comfortable this way. But if it is not in my hands, and I feel too lazy to find it, then I will just take a picture on my iPhone. That’s not so vital. One thing is the most importantly: the joy you get from taking that picture!

How do you usually spend your time? Describe your perfect day.

Oh, this is a very difficult question for me. I'm still in search of the perfect balance between work and my free time. My perfect day is just doing what I want at this very moment.

What do you like doing in your free time or you do not have so much of it? Do you have any hobbies besides photography and travels?

In my spare time, I like socializing and meeting with friends. Actually, I do not have any major hobby apart from photography, but I try to pay attention to other things (for instance, learning English, sports, reading, etc.) to develop myself and to relieve tension.

Do you like to live in Moscow or you have any ideas about moving elsewhere?

I like Moscow, but maybe I am just used to the city. There is everything there and I know where to find what I need. It is convenient. Maybe I would move somewhere, but I first need to understand why I need it and what will I get from it. And I have not gotten the idea yet. I would like to have freedom of movement. Then, it would be possible to live in slightly different countries.

You have so many amazing photos from your travels! Which countries have you visited this year?

This year I have been only to Georgia, Latvia, and Greece. But I hope more is yet to come!

Do you prefer spontaneous trips or planning everything in advance?

If I travel alone, I always plan everything in advance and prepare myself for all possible situations. If I go with someone, I am totally ready for spontaneity. Because together with someone I am not afraid of anything!

We love your photos from Georgia: they are perfectly illustrating the freedom and happiness of the unity with nature. But still, what do you prefer, ocean or mountains? 

I can’t choose! Will say both. I love the mountains and the sea equally.

Imagine that now you have the opportunity to go anywhere on this planet. Say, for a month. Where would you go?

To Indonesia or to the United States.  

Tell us about your plans for this summer.

I'd really like to enjoy life and small thing: the sunshine, fresh air, and lemonade. And to meet more often with my dearest people.

Do you have a motto in life? The one that helps to never give up no matter what, and always gives you endless motivation.

Smile to the world every day. Do what you love and escape from things that do not bring you happiness. And always listen to yourself. We get motivation from things that give us joy, and belief in ourselves helps us to never give up.

What kind of music do you like? Name 3 of the most popular tracks in the phone. 

I like different music but mostly calm, for the background so that I could read or think, and also energetic that makes me want to dance. Popular tracks that I have now are:

  • Kelly Lee Owens - S.O.
  • Phantogram - Run Run Blood
  • Khalid – Saved

How did you get acquainted with Aloha Gaia?

It was a very long time. Now it is even difficult to remember a time when I first found the brand. But I remember how happy I way when the jewelry was first sold offline in Moscow, and not only on the website. 

Why do you like the brand and which three words are associated with it? 

Freedom, nature, and originality. Apparently so and that’s why I like Aloha Gaia

Which jewelry is your favorite?

I do not have a particular piece as I like the combination of jewelry. Especially Tethys with blue topaz and Nani and Ohana midi-rings.

Do you have crystals and minerals? And do you like Palo Santo or other home scents?

Yes, I have white quartz, rose quartz, fluorite, and amethyst. I also have Palo Santo, but I don't use it for its intended purpose because I have an intolerance to any smoke. But I like to just hold sticks in my hands and smell this unusual tree. I'm more of a fan of candles, and I have a lot of them, and I can't stop buying.

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