Tatau Collection Video Backstage

In our social networks, you have probably already seen Tatau jewelry collection lookbook, a new video, and footage from the backstage. While creating the new collection we were inspired by the history and traditions of the Maori – the indigenous people of New Zealand – as well as the diversity and richness of Polynesian culture. And we wanted to show all this in a simple but spectacular video. It is time to tell you how we have made it.

Behind even the shortest video clips there are weeks of the creation process, negotiations, preparation, and planning. And the success of the venture always depends on the team’s ability to get on well and share the same spirit. We were incredibly lucky: director Nikolay Sidorov-Frantsuzov and cinematographer Klimentiy Hammerschmidt got interested in Aloha Gaia brand and offered us to make a video. Their work for TSUM speaks for themselves: these guys perfectly know how several shots can reveal the soul of the brand. We had no choice but to agree and proceed with references and start searching for shooting locations of our dream.

Dream, by the way, had to be changed right during the process. Initially, we were going to shoot a video in a sand quarry. But a rainy summer had brought about changes in our solar plans, so we said goodbye to the idea to shoot in there.

So we had arrived at the Gorky Film Studio and realized that this was exactly what we needed. Atmospheric and textured premises of an old cinema with the rich history, its own character, and gorgeous surroundings. Lots of wood, old parquet floor, wooden ceiling... We found literally the perfect scene for our video, and thus we have moved on to the most exciting part: choosing who the main characters would be.

We had lots of ideas. Initially, we planned to shoot two girls to create the atmosphere of sisterly love. But soon we realized that ignoring the specialty of the new collection, unisex jewelry, is not completely right. Therefore, we decided to shoot a guy as well and, fortunately, our favorite model Vova was in Moscow. Will you agree if we state that Vova and Sasha do look like brother and sister while Angela has brought the exotic atmosphere to our movie? Some special connection was established between the models and while still being on the site we realized that we have fulfilled the exotic and family story that we wanted.

To add more bright colors, exotic spirit and tropical atmosphere to the video, we have invited a few of other main characters: birds and a beautiful python. This is where the key difficulty was: in predicting the behavior of animals while shooting is impossible. Python can rapidly react to an unexpected noise or a strong smell while birds are extremely difficult to catch if they decide to fly away. One can not believe it, but our bird had a dubbing actor in case it wants to fly away and we will not be able to catch it fast. Now you also know who the main stars on the set were!

Fortunately, the first bird was a true professional and has perfectly coped with its task, so the dubbing one was not taking part in the shooting. Everything went well: Angela and snake liked each other, and they looked harmoniously on the picture. Our makeup artist Anna liked the birds so much that now they live with her.

Of course, a successful shooting day is only a part of the work followed by a demanding period called “post-production”. We wanted to make the video special and added the animation, which was the responsibility of the specially hired artist. The music for the video was composed by ITSU: we now constantly receive questions on what the name of the track is. By the way, there are several official versions of the video: director's cut and Instagram version as well as short videos.

Our main goal in this video was to convey the feeling of complete freedom and inner beauty: the same things that can be seen in the new Tatau jewelry collection.

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