Guest post: Spring moodboard by @courtneysteeves

With Love And Light,
Courtney (@courtneysteeves & website)
My heart is overflowing with excitement as my favorite time of year starts to bloom.  Spring.  The season of new beginnings.  As the sun starts to grace us with its warmth once again, I am feeling energized and ready for adventure. Spring is a time for mornings at the farmers market, searching for the best bouquet of flowers and sipping lavender lemonade.
Spring is a time for long road trips, chasing the sunlight with the windows rolled down.  Spring is a time for late night bonfires, dancing and singing underneath the moon with loved ones.  Spring is a time for happiness.  As warmth fills the air, and our hearts, I encourage you to take this new beginning and do whatever it is you have been craving to do all winter long.  Spring is here.  Let's make it a beautiful one.

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