$32.00 USD

Pendant for hoop earring in the shape of a bird.

SKOLNIK is our bird singing only about love.

A dove and a guitar are the symbols strongly associated with the Woodstock Festival. The original poster that has gone down in the annals of history was created by Arnold Skolnick. Initially, the poster was supposed to look a little different: “At first I thought of bird and flute,” he told The Daily News. “But the flute is really jazz, so I made it a guitar.”

A little catbird that Skolnick frequently saw in the window became the main character of the poster. Together with his son, Skolnick cut the bird out of white paper and decided to glue a black beak on it. The printer forgot about the bleak and left it red – matching the poster’s background. This is how the dove quietly perching on the guitar fretboard was created – the iconic symbol of peace and music.

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$2 from each piece of jewellery sold will be sent to the fund for helping refugees from Ukraine