DIY: Valentine's Day make up by @gizha_makeup

Valentine's Day make up

A little bit of inspiration for a Valentines Day from a makeup artist Diane @gizha_makeup! How to quickly put yourself together, look fresh and glowing? We will tell you all about it in our DIY and will share some of the most useful tips. Be irresistible!

Feeling playful or seductive? Let your makeup speak along with a smile on your face.

Valentine's Day make up

Prime your face and apply foundation.  If sleep has been dropped from your schedule, it will be very useful to use a concealer and a highlighter to look rested. Remember to use a concealer the right way - blend it under the eye in a shape of a triangle, not a circle.


Make up

If you don't want to use makeup on your entire face - just  focus on your brows and you will see a significant difference!

giphy (1)

Contouring can be easy as number 3 if you use right products. Define your face, but avoid any orange tones.

make up Make up

Apply a light rose colored blush and a bewildered romantic look is done!

brown shades make up

Brown shades of eyeshadows are the closest to a natural skin tone - so it will suit anyone. So that's why we used it also, mixing a dark matte finish with a brilliant gold. 


Make your eyes look more "wide open" with a pencil in ivory, just simply draw a line inside the lower eyelid. Underline the eye color and add some mascara.

giphy (2)

Valentines Day is a day of the kissed lips. So let's recreate this look by using a red tint, so your boyfriend won't have to worry about having red lips.

Just fix your hair and run out on a date!

valentine's day make up


No name из Тайланда. По словам Дайаны :)

Tania Iagodkina January 16, 2017

Интересно узнать что за палетка теней у девушки в руках?

Стаси January 16, 2017

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