DIY: Moon phases garland


We are so happy you enjoyed our previous DIY post on Halloween decorations, so we decided that we should do more of these. Moon phases remind us of the cyclic recurrence of time and that we must be able not only have time for work, but also rest at the right time. That's why we decided to make a simple but beautiful garland for our studio. And of course share how quick and easy it is to do yourself.


You will need:

white cardboard



acrylic paint in black and white


adhesive tape


Step 1

Draw a few circles of the same diameter on the cardboard. One of them will be a full moon, and the rest- moon phases, you can cut as much of those, as you want- we decided to do two on each side with a star in the end.


Step 2

Squeeze a bit of black and white paint on the remaining cardboard and randomly dip the moon and the stars in each paint. That way the color will be uneven and look three-dimensional. Let it dry.


Step 3

Take a string and place it under the dry, symmetrically placed figures. Paste the string with adhesive tape or glue, where it intersects with them.


And you’re done!

Have a very productive week, but don’t forget to take breaks and relax. Balance should be in everything.



Thank you

Anonymous January 16, 2017

Realy awesome and so easy, thanks a lot

Marion January 16, 2017

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