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Free Download: Halloween Postcard + Wallpaper


Every holiday is an opportunity to have fun with the loved ones, and Halloween is no exception! Of course, what is a holiday without gifts and surprises? There are so many ways you can express your love, but a card is definitely one of the most sincere and lasting ones. Fill it with memorable words and thoughts that only the two of you will understand. To celebrate this Halloween we offer you to download our mystical and magical card, print it, write something truly amazing and, of course, give it to your friend or a lover in the darkest circumstances! As a little bonus gift from Aloha Gaia Team we give you our new wallpaper for your phone.

Front  & Back sides of the postcard

Iphone Wallpaper


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  • УИИИИ!!! новые обойки) спасибо!

    любовь on
  • hi there!) are you going to post smth like a DIY to Halloween?)

    Olena Shpakova on
  • Yes! come back tomorrow and you will find one. Aloha!

    alohagaia on

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